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First Week of 2022 in Markets

First Week of 2022 in Markets

Dispersion has been a big theme in equity markets over the past couple months, and that certainly did not slow down in the first week of trading in 2022. A picture is worth 1000 words, and this visual from does a pretty good job at summarizing the week's market action.

Larger boxes represent a sector, while the individual boxes represent a single ticker with their return in the first week of 2022.

Some highlights:

· Positive returns for financials, energy, industrials, defense, and consumer staples

· Tech lagged significantly negative returns outside of “value” tech such as INTC


· Long term bonds finished the week down 4%

· Mid-cap value (MDYV) finished the week green.

· Emerging markets (VWO) were roughly flat.

· RSP outperformed SPY by 1.27%

The Bottom Line

Whether this is a one-week blip or a regime change remains to be seen – but it does illustrate the risk of being concentrated in a single sector or factor.

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