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David M. Borowsky, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director, smiling in his office in Camp Hill with a client of Invariant Investment Management

What Do We Do for You?


We Provide Customized Solutions to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Invariant is focused on providing you customized and objective wealth management solutions to meet your needs. We take a holistic approach combining the technical aspects of managing wealth (such as portfolio management and risk analysis) with your individual goals (such as education funding or desired lifestyle in retirement).


Your interests always come first.

Financial Planning at Invariant

Life doesn’t stand still, and neither should your financial plan. As your circumstances change and impact your future, it is our job to make sure your financial plan evolves with you.


For our wealth management clients, we use a host of subscription based financial planning platforms, along with proprietary software, to conduct holistic analysis and create your financial plan.


This allows us to leverage our expertise with leading planning and risk assessment software to design financial plans, monitor your progress along the way, and ultimately help you achieve your personal financial goals. 

Customized Investment Solutions

At Invariant, we understand that no two clients are the same. Each of our clients has unique priorities, goals, and timelines for managing their wealth. Some may have a higher tolerance for risk while others may have specific tax situations to navigate.


Because of this, we offer a range of investment solutions –strategic ETF models, single stock strategies, to fully customized solutions. These strategies are be combined in a way that is tailored to your unique financial planning goals.

The Invariant Approach

At Invariant, we believe that successful wealth management outcomes are the result of portfolio management and financial planning working in tandem.  

Too often, investors abandon their well-crafted financial plan and react to news headlines and market volatility. At Invariant, we help our clients achieve their goals beginning with the end in mind, developing a plan for getting there, and staying the course regardless of market noise. 

Team photo of Invariant Investment Management at their Camp Hill, PA Office

Why Partner with Invariant?

Why Invariant?
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Your best interest is our best interest. No conflicts. No hidden fees.

Invariant Investment Management Website Icon for Completely Customized Financial Plans

Completely Customized

Successful outcomes are the result of your financial plan and investment strategy working together. Whether you are new to investment or ready to retire, we offer a broad range of customized solutions to meet your needs. 

Invariant Investment Management Website Icon for Financial Expertise

Financial Expertise

We offer our clients the support of a comprehensive team, including CFP and CFA professionals and tax and estate specialists, to answer your questions and to meet the needs of your unique financial situation.

Invariant Investment Management Website Icon for Concierge Service

Concierge Service 

We are passionate about providing personalized, client focused service. From the very first phone call, to in person or virtual meetings, you will always speak to the same people who know you as an individual.  

Invariant Investment Management Website Icon for No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

Unlike other types of advisors, we never take kickbacks from fund providers. You can be confident that the investments we make are the result of our research. We do not charge fees for each trade, and we grow along with you. No conflicts. No hidden fees.

Invariant Investment Management Website Icon for Fully Independent

Fully Independent

Invariant Investments is independently owned and not beholden to any large institution. We provide institutional quality investment management and expertise, away from Wall Street.  

Invariant Investment Management Website Icon for Multigenerational Support

Multi-Generational Support

Family money conversations can be difficult for parents and their adult children. At Invariant, we specialize in facilitating these types of critical money conversations for our clients via family financial meetings.

Retired Client of Invariant Investments making jam with her granddaughter in her Harrisburg PA home

We provide honest, helpful, and customized financial guidance. 


We conduct working meetings with each client to address questions, concerns, and goals. We provide a one-page meeting recap after each check-in meeting to show growth of net worth and to provide a clear understanding of the action items from the meeting. 

We look forward to getting to know you, and we provide the following to every client:


A Free 30-minute Consultation to assess your current financial situation and walk you through the financial planning process.

• A 60-minute Initial Discovery Meeting via video conferencing, where we talk more in depth about your financial goals and most pressing financial concerns.


A 60-minute Recommendations Meeting which includes: an easy-to-read summary of your current net worth, goals, action items, and more; recommendations in the following areas: savings targets, debt repayment, investment goals, retirement planning, insurance, estate planning, and tax planning; an asset allocation for your current 401(k) or work retirement plan; a recommendation of the credit card that fits your needs based on your spending; and connections via email to experts in our network (CPAs, estate planning attorneys, insurance agents).

Two 30-minute Budgeting Calls, including detailed cash flow analysis and spending plan strategy sessions.


• Two 60-minute Check-in Meetings per year after initial on-boarding to check your progress and navigate major life events.


A CFP® Team Member who you can reach out to via email any time as your situation changes.


Recommendations to additional estate experts and professionals in our network such as estate planning attorneys, CPAs, and insurance agents.

Hand of Seth W. Arbogast, CFP®   Founder & Chief Executive Officer, holding out for a handshake

Let’s Get Started

Changing wealth advisors can be difficult. We have dedicated staff that works with you to ensure a seamless transition and we handle the paperwork, so you don’t have to.  


Your best interest is our best interest. 

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